Foot Orthotics

Podiatrists prescribe and construct foot orthotics. These are specially designed devices that are worn inside the shoe in order to control abnormal foot function and/or accommodate painful areas of the foot.

Properly designed foot orthotics compensate for impaired foot function by controlling abnormal motion across the joints of the foot. This results in a dramatic improvement/resolution in symptoms.


Orthotics which are prescribed by the podiatrist and custom made for your feet, should not be confused with ‘over the counter’ arch supports. These may occasionally help with minor arch discomfort, but they frequently fail because they do not properly control foot function and/or do not properly fit the patient’s feet and on occasion exacerbate the problem.

  • Functional foot orthotics are usually made from rigid materials, especially plastics and carbon-fibre composites. They are constructed upon a plaster impression of the feet, and modified based on the podiatrist’s evaluation of the problem. They are usually quite comfortable, and do not feel hard or uncomfortable in the shoe.
  • Rigid orthotics normally last for years; additions such as top covers and extensions may require periodic replacement. Some patients, for example the very elderly, may not tolerate rigid functional orthotics. Under these circumstances, the podiatrist may prescribe an orthotic made from softer materials with special accommodations for painful areas.

Many different materials can be utilized, such as rubber, cork, leather, and soft synthetic plastics. The podiatrist is in the unique position of being able to evaluate, diagnose, and treat your foot or leg problems. 

Prescription Orthotics.

The orthotic prescription is customized to the patients needs. The contours of the plate can be modified to enhance control. Rearfoot and forefoot posts may provide additional control and correct for positional abn ormalities. Orthotics may be customized for certain types of shoes or particular activities.

Prefabricated Orthotics.

Prefabricated foot orthotics are useful for treating a range of minor foot and leg ailments. They are not however designed to replace bespoke prescription orthotics. Prefabricated foot orthotics supplied from this website have been manufactured with computer assisted design and computer aided manufacture. Unlike prescription orthotics prefabricated orthotics are not made to an individual prescription or by using models of feet known as casts.

Prefabricated devices are fabricated using computer generated data. The data is based on biometric information gained from the analysis of tens of thousands of actual feet with pronation problems.

In the same way you would not attempt to treat a complex eye disorder by using reading glasses such as those sold in supermarkets you should not attempt to self treat complex biomechanical issues with off the shelf orthotics. However they are useful for a wide range of conditions particularly if they have not become chronic in nature.

The shape and design of orthotic devices may differ depending on requirements


Pre-made Orthotics: From £50.00

Prescription Custom Casted Orthotics: From £350.00-£450.00

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